Why Wyoming?  Part 3 – The Job Search

During the summer of 1999, I started my first job at Wendy’s.  Since then, even during college, I have held a job every year.  I graduated from my dietetic internship on Friday March 27th, 2009.  I was eager to start my career as a dietitian and only 5 days later I started at Northwest Hospital;... Continue Reading →

Learning Spanish: An Update

In a previous post, I revealed my goal of becoming fluent in Spanish.  To meet this goal I was determine to: Practice Spanish at least 5 days a week Have practice sessions of at least 30 minutes per day An audio series called Pimsleur was the main method  I was using to practicing speaking and... Continue Reading →

Why Wyoming? Part 2 The Golden State

I moved to California in April 2017.  When I mention I lived in California, people always imagine the palm trees in Los Angeles or the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.  I moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere called Turlock.  Mostly noted for thousands of almond orchards. It is sandwiched halfway between... Continue Reading →

Why Wyoming? Part 1 East Coast

I was born and raised in Delaware.  I know, I know. I get two different reactions: People say Dela-Where?  Or they recall the following clip from Wayne's World Say what you want; but I enjoyed growing up in Delaware.  Sales tax free, close to the beach, within an hr to Philadelphia or Baltimore, has the... Continue Reading →

My Goals For 2020

Another year, another chance to dream big and to set goals that will lead to success.  My life's most meaningful accomplishments started off as a dream.  I created goals and over the years I have been able to make those dreams become reality.  Some of my previous goals include:  Becoming a dietitian Getting a masters... Continue Reading →

Learning Spanish

I grew up watching my dad fall in love with central and south American music and culture. This piqued my interests when it came time to choose a language to study in high school, I chose Spanish. In every situation there is an excuse of why you don’t succeed at something.  Anyone who has met... Continue Reading →

Embrace Failure

No one likes to fail. I understand the struggle we all encounter: the anxiety of trying something new, the potential embarrassment that may occur due to failing or performing badly. I think many people set goals too low or bail on their dreams because of this. However, I wanted to provide insight on why everyone... Continue Reading →


I finished my last blog and was trying to figure out what my next topic should be. This past December my mother was nice enough to gift me a Fitbit for Christmas. This is one of the many wristband activity trackers out in the market right now. After tinkering around with it, I found an... Continue Reading →

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